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About Us

Jetmind Technologies has been founded in 2007 when iPhone’s arrival fundamentally changed the mobile landscape. We practice a software development process where we understand client’s needs, improve ways users interact with technology and deliver superior products. Our customers are often visionaries, established companies and young entrepreneurs. Our customers have insights to identify areas in which efficiencies can be created, workflow can be optimized, and the bottom line can be improved. We can create a custom solution that will deliver on your vision, cut time to market and contribute to your top and bottom lines.

Extensive Platform Expertise

We develop for and focus on every major handheld platform, as well as most popular Web platforms. Our extensive platform expertise guarantees that we possess the knowledge to meet your needs and makes us the ideal candidate for complex projects across multiple mobile and web platforms.

Commitment to Quality

Our success depends on the success of our customers – our most valuable relationships are with happy and successful clients. The only way to obtain and maintain these relationships is to provide the highest quality products and services. Our commitment to quality can be seen in our exceptional project managers, developers and quality assurance.

Our highly experienced team of iPhone and Android programmers can deliver unique and attractive applications, either ported from an existing application or developed from scratch. Our design and creative team can take on any design task, be it graphical interface, video design or music recording performed at our in-house studio. Perfect combination of technical and creative skills makes us the ideal choice for your mobile and Web application development.


You want to turn your idea into a real product? Want to grow your business?

Jetmind’s goal is to help companies deliver high-quality, cost-effective services or products. We can help you translate your ideas into solutions that meet technical and business needs of your business.

Our experts will help you to realize and productize your ideas to deliver successful products across multiple platforms.


Our team consists of experienced professionals with broad technical backgrounds. We not only listen to your needs - we understand, we learn, we share our thoughts and, ultimately, deliver!

Our experts will help you to analyze and better understand the target market, we would like to be your “sounding board” and share our strategy and monetization ideas for initial and future product releases.


Software architecture is the realization of non-functional requirements, while software design is the realization of functional requirements.

Architecture serves as the blueprint for both the system and the project developing it, defining the work assignments that must be carried out by design and implementation teams. The architecture is the primary carrier of system qualities, such as performance, modifiability, and security, none of which can be achieved without a unifying architectural vision. Architecture is an artifact for early analysis to make sure that the design approach will yield an acceptable system.


The first checkpoint is a product concept.

It is always better to build a prototype and get a feedback from customers and investors before actually starting a full-scale “we’ll take over the world” product development. Build and grow in iterations, trust us on that one! Jetmind has collaborated with more than 30 startup companies in early stages of development, and we helped them acquire their first customers; obtain financing, release first and subsequent versions of their products. We helped them grow and succeed.

Our product managers will work with you from mockups to the final product, advising on and incorporating target platform guidelines, special features and addressing your business needs.


After the concept is approved – creative design team jumps in to create user friendly, easy to use and scalable interface.

Jetmind provides a full range of design and development services with expertise to help companies create market-driven products that have significant business impact. Whether you're building a new business-critical enterprise application, upgrading a legacy software product, or a startup with a revolutionary idea, Jetmind provides quality and cost-effective solution to merge our UI and UX experience with our global engineering teams.

Our designers can also provide you with logo and corporate identity.


Jetmind provides custom software development services. We offer full life-cycle services, from product idea to design, from software development to QA, support and follow up releases. Jetmind employs a large pool of highly qualified software engineers with expertise and experience in different technology areas.

Software Development at Jetmind goes beyond the scope of application development. We are proud to possess expertise in various technical domains, ensuring our client’s success.

Quality Assurance

The strategy of ”test early and test often” optimizes costs, reduces time-to-market, and delivers a better product. The more bugs are missed due to the lack of testing, the higher are costs to fix them and longer the associated time to win the customer’s trust back.

Jetmind believes that quality is above all, ensuring the success of your products with our abilities and stringent standards in delivering products to our clients.