This App Recommender Would Like to Use Your Location

The Software Engineering Lab at Münster University of Applied Sciences in Germany has released an interesting Android app discovery tool as part of a research project on context-aware mobile systems.

Appazaar learns which applications you find interesting by tracking your application usage and comparing you to other people with similar interests, much like Apple’s Genius does in the App Store. It also takes your real-time location into account.

“Android users are mobile people and often change their location,” researcher Matthias Böhmer wrote in an email. “With their location they also change their activity, for instance from working at the office to chilling at the beach. Appazaar uses that to optimize its recommendations! Surely you agree that you require apps for productivity at work and games and music apps for relaxing at the beach.”

Like other app discovery tools, appazaar makes recommendations based on users’ interests and the apps they’ve previously downloaded. But it also uses context – time and location – to serve up suggested apps. “A use that has never been in a specific context before receives recommendations on what other users have used in a similar context before,” the researchers wrote in a paper that will be presented at an upcoming international conference on recommendation engines in Barcelona. In downtown Portland? Try the PDX Food Cart Finder.

Appazaar is available on the Android Market, but it’s still new, so don’t judge it too harshly. The more people start using it, the better its recommendations will get.