Just invest in apps, stupid!

“So I need to know more about investing in apps, Cody.” I’ve heard those words from so many people — rock n roll legends, from reporters at glossy magazines, retired billionaire software entrepreneuers, readers of this blog, waiters at a sushi restaurant in Englewood, NJ, workers at the Tonight Show and other Hollywooders, along just about every body in between who’s heard anything I have to say about this burgeoning app revolution.

I’ve spent a ton of time and energy since I quit my job as a TV anchor on the best ways to invest in apps. And there’s a very simple explanation for that — I believe that apps truly are just getting started on their way to becoming the single largest marketplace that this planet has ever seen, and I want to be a part of that. I’m in a fortunate position of being able to decide what I want to spend my time on these days — I’ve explored getting involved with real estate investment funds, I’ve explored doing more TV stuff, I’ve explored a bunch of stuff…but I keep coming back to apps because nothing excites me like the opportunity I foresee over the next one to five years for those of us who bet on the app revolution and its potential to change everything we do with content, work and each other over that same time frame.

It’s actually that very sincere belief that getting involved with apps now is going to pay off huge later that’s probably what’s stirring all these people to ask me about how best to invest in apps. Well, that and the fact that they’re probably recognizing this burgeoning marketplace on their own too. Let’s remind each other of the facts again:

  • 100 million smartphones sold last year.
  • Much more than 250 million smartphones will be sold next year.
  • More than a billion smartphones will be sold annually within ten years.
  • That’ll mean an installed customer base of two billion people using smatphones and the apps that run on them by the year 2020.
  • Those two billion customers will be using dozens if not hundreds of apps each every year.
  • That means we’re talking about several hundred billion different apps being consumed every year within a decade from now.

Doesn’t it just about make your mind go numb trying to fathom that kind of growth and potential marketplace?

Easiest and purest and cheapest publicly-traded plays on the app revolution include simply the great and emotion-igniting Apple and Google with their respective iPhone and Android app platforms. I’ve also got a couple other pure publicly traded play in the Revolution Investing portfolio and I’ll invite you to take a trial offer of my weekly investment newsletter for the most in-depth app-investment and especially app-trading opportunities, in which I detail exactly what options I’d look at for the most aggressive traders out there among you.

And I’d also invite you to check out the new section of my app reviews and news website,AppConsumer.com, where we’ve just created an entire section dedicated to investing in apps called, appropriately enough, “Investing in Apps“.

Everybody you know will be using apps a lot more this time in five years than they are today. I know I’m not always that bright, but even this stoopid guy gets that one: Bet on lots more app usage and bet big on that if you can.

source: marketwatch.com